Scubapro Dive Computer Wrist Strap & Boot Kit


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Suitable on scubapro FS 1.5 / FS 2 or most compass. Replacement wrist strap and boot for your ScubaPro Aladin 2G, TEC 2G, TEC, Prime or One dive computer and for all the (round) post 1995 Uwatec/Scubapro Aladin models, Subgear XP dive computer and Scubapro and Uwatec compasses (FS1, FS1.5 & FS2).


  • Suitable on scubapro FS 1.5 / FS 2 or most compass.
  • Fits Galileo Sol, Luna, and Terra models.
  • Great replacement for when/before the original wriststrap breaks and more secure than a wriststrap.
  • The bungee mount has the additional advantage of your compass being always handy and visible.
  • Please inform us regarding to the usage of product and sizes.


Common uses: Bungee forearm mounts (e.g. compasses, slates).

Regulator necklaces.

Squeezing down wings and BC bladders.

SMB / Lift bag retainers.

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