Infinity Dive

About us

InfinityDive provides industry-leading scuba services for divers including education, diving destinations & extravaganzas, and gears services.

We were founded in 2003 by Joe Au and have since grown into one of the thriving digital media and lifestyle portals for people with a passion in diving and the ocean. Unlike other sites out there we provide amazing content and profound experiences around Freediving, Scuba Diving, Ocean Advocacy, and Diving Travel.

We are far more than just a simple dive shop or forum – our site has viral editorial feature articles, the latest news on diving, a thriving forum, and a locally centered industry-leading market.

Our vision & Ocean advocacy

An essential aspect at InfinityDive is to share the beauty of the deep ocean with our society, whilst focusing and educating on activities that would promote positive impacts in maintaining the health of the ocean environment and marine ecosystem. Because life in the sea and on land rely on our oceans, we could all benefit from a proactive approach to marine conservation.

We pride ourselves as members of the PADI Project AWARE Foundation with the environmental objective to achieve maximal action on the preservation and sustainability of the oceanic ecosystem.

"A healthy ocean is essential to all life on Earth. The ocean is not limitless, and today, marine species and ecosystems are facing unprecedented threats due to human use and destructive practices."


Our community

At the heart of InfinityDive is our loving and friendly community. This intimate feeling that our members have of belonging and acceptance, and the feeling that members matter to one another and to the group through our passion for diving and protection of the ocean is something that drives the soul and foundation of our company.

Take your first step with the exclusive groups of underwater explorers on a journey that will forever change the way you experience and understand the underwater world!

Our team

The strong foundation at our company has formed over the course of the last two decades through our founder, but the success in our business and its services would not otherwise be possible without our dedicated team of passionate volunteers and highly experienced staff.

You can rest safe knowing that here at InfinityDive, our team always has your best interest at heart!