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Our Prevention Policy for COVID-19

As the situation for COVID-19 evolves day-to -day, our top priorities during these challenging time continues to safe and healthy for our co-workers, customers, and communities.

At InfinityDive, taking care both employees and communities are important for us. All of InfinityDive workers are provided with health check-in and operating as usual to ensure a well established and professional service during this time.

We are practicing work from home as well evaluate the responsibilities and priorities of employees position, considering customer/collaborator impact and feasibility of physical events. We have been trained on proper handwashing protocol, work areas are cleaned prior to ship each packaging orders.

Below has the conditions you mush accept to stay connected with us online and in-store.

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Due to the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, we have decided to make changes to our In-Store shopping policies as follows:

  • Limited customers allowed in the dive shop at any one time.
  • Face Masks. Wearing a face mask is compulsory in dive shop.
  • Contact Tracing. Upon entering the dive shop you will be asked by a staff member to use the QR Code system to check in, or provide your name, mobile phone number and entry time on a form provided.
  • DON'T touch items on display unless you must do so. If you must touch something, please use the hand sanitiser provided BEFORE and AFTER touching anything.
  • NO use of the diver's kitchen by customers. (Now a staff only area.)
  • NO use of the shower. 
  • NO leaving the main dive shop area, unless accompanied by a Staff Member. This includes going to the Diver's Kitchen, the back Front Gears ares, rooms, the Upstairs Office and the Back Office.
  • Cash payments are still OK. Credit Card preferred.
  • Collect online purchasing preferred. We strongly recommend that customers who can do so, please use our Click and Collect service. This makes it easier for everyone to maintain the social distancing standards, plus reduce your in-store time.

Given the current rapidly changing situation and unknowns, we've decided that it's prudent to put in place these in-store restrictions. They could change at any time.


Social Distancing: The floor space of our dive shop lets us have 12 people inside and still comply with the four square metres per person restriction. However, given the layout of the dive shop, we've decided to only allow five customers at any given time. If you come inside and are asked to leave, e.g. because there were people inside you couldn't see, please leave without a fuss. It's for your own protection.