About us

InfinityDive gathers premier scuba service for divers including education, diving destinations, and gears services. We are founded in 2003 by Joe Au that have grown into one of the thriving digital media and lifestyle portals for people interested in diving and the ocean. Unlike other sites out there we provide amazing content and profound experiences around FreedivingScuba DivingOcean Advocacy, and Diving Travel. We are far more than just a simple dive shop or forum – the site has viral editorial feature articles, latest news on diving, a thriving forum, and local centred industry-leading market.

Being in our community

Our goal is to share the beauty of deep ocean to the society with a safe, sustainable, friendly diving community. We are members of PADI project Aware. Take your first step with exclusive groups of underwater explorer to a journey that will forever change the way you experience the underwater world! We believe scuba diving can be fairly meaningful to all passionate divers importantly to understand the majority of earth, the ocean.


Ocean advocacy

InfinityDive focuses on activities that make a positive impact in maintaining the health of the ocean environment and marine life. Because creatures in the sea and on land depend on our oceans, we could all benefit from a proactive approach to marine conservation. 

"A healthy ocean is essential to all life on Earth. The ocean is not limitless, and today, marine species and ecosystems are facing unprecedented threats due to human use and destructive practices."

Meet the team has always had a strong foundation with a team of volunteers and staff that operate the platform by highly experienced and passionate individuals.