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Dive Delta 5mm (ZIP)
The Scubapro Delta 5mm. Zip Boots are sturdy boots that are excellent for temperate and cold conditions. 
The Delta 5mm. Zip Boots are convenient to use as they are equipped with zippers, which makes them easy to put on. The boots are rubberised on toes, top of the feet and heel to provide extra strength and protection. The Scubapro Delta 5mm. scuba diving boots are also cushioned at the top of the foot to provide extra comfort and protection.
The boots are fitted with a sturdy anti-slip sole to give extra security when walking on slippery surfaces.

Technical Information

A sturdy outsole and rubberized armor provide excellent protection on both the top and bottom of the boot.
The top of the foot is both cushioned and protected against abrasion from the edge of the fin pocket.
Built-in arch support increases comfort when traversing rocky shorelines.
The reinforced toe and heel caps extend boot life. The heel cap includes a molded fin strap keeper.
The long zipper is great for easy donning and doffing and is fitted with a gusset to cut down on water seepage.
The aggressive anti-slip tread is non-marking, a feature boat owners always appreciate.
Velcro zipper-end patch secures the side zipper when closed.
Available in 8 sizes. Click on boot size chart for more details.
Available Sizes:
 2XS/5, XS/6, S/7, M/8, L/9, XL/10, 2XL/11, 3XL/12.

Go Travel Fins (TURQUOISE)

- The Scubapro GO Fins is a barefoot travel fin design with a flexible heel strap for extra comfort! 
- They are lightweight, comfortable and durable, so the perfect travel companion!
- At only 1.2kg for a pair of size M-L, the Go Fin incorporates high quality and light weight materials! 
- This means less weight to carry around with you and no excess baggage charges because of your fins!
- The combination of the freedom of the barefoot design with the bungee strap, means a versatile fit and an easy to don and dof fin!
- While these fins are not meant to be used with boots, you can wear neoprene or lycra socks for extra exposure protection!
- The fins are constructed from Scubapro's Monprene material, which is virtually indestructible! 
- No broken blades or torn foot pockets like you used to get with thermoplastic fins! 
- These fins are built to last and are made for long-term heavy duty use and deliver speed, stability and maneuverability with minimum effort!