Mares XR Tek Pocket Untra Light Shorts


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The Mares XR Tech Shorts are to be worn on top of a wet suit, or alone in warm water. They are made of the same material as the Mares XR1 Dry Suit including Kevlar. They are non-floating, fast draining and fast drying,·ultra-light but extremely resistant. They feature the same pockets as the XR1 dry suit.

Mares XR Tek Shorts are made with a particular focus on comfort and durability, which offers the most demanding divers an excellent dive experience in both warm and temperate waters. These new dive shorts are a highly innovative product thanks to the materials used to create them. Just like the Mares XR1 dry suit, the Bi-laminate and Kevlar materials use for the Tech Shorts create a lightweight product which, at the same time, is highly resistant to wear and tear. Another feature which makes this Mares product so advanced is that it doesn't affect the diver's buoyancy.

Mares isn't just striving for protection and safety with this product, but also to deliver total comfort. The Mares XR Tek Shorts dry very quickly due to the use of flash-dry fabrics.

They feature two large, self-draining, four-compartment pockets, especially useful for keeping all the tools you need handy. They close with high-resistance straps, making the product even more unique in terms of safety. There are bungee loops inside of the pockets so that you can clip your accessories in.

This is a unisex garment that offers an excellent fit. With a wide range of available sizes (XS to 3XL), the Tek Shorts will fit most everyone. Mares XR Tek Shorts can also be worn over any thickness of wetsuit, or just simply on their own.


  • To be worn on top of a wet suit or alone in warm water.
  • Made of the same material as the XR1 dry suit including kevlar.
  • Non-floating, fast draining and fast drying.
  • Ultra-light but extremely resistant.
  • Same pockets as the XR1 dry suit.


Marketing Product Type – Clothes

Material: Polyester

Hybrid Cargo Shorts Sizes: XS. S. M, L, XL, XXL, 3XL

Activities: Recreational

Warranty: Yes


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