Mares FLEXA 8.6.5 Blue Men Wetsuit


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The Flexa 8.6.5 men's wetsuit is a cold water wetsuit made of ultra-stretch material that provides convenience as well as ease of donning and comfort. The design is now more modern with blue coloured neoprene panels for the Flexa 8.6.5. The ultra-stretch neoprene comes in 3 different thicknesses positioned in different areas of the body: 8mm, 6mm and 5mm.
The revised "back protection system" features a new cut and new graphics, providing greater protection against tank friction, thanks to the specially designed area that now extends to the shoulders.
The grip area for the instruments is present on both wrists, guaranteeing greater fastening and the "custom closure" on the neck has been considerably improved: streamlined and lighter, it is made with soft and flexible material. A reverse closure is also provided to secure the custom neck closure when the suit is open, thus avoiding annoying flapping and strap movement.
Highly durable, abrasion-resistant knee pads are also available to ensure suit durability.

Among the most innovative elements of the new family is the introduction of the optional pocket on the leg. Even without the pocket, this area will still be functional, thanks to the presence of a buckle for securing the hood or gloves. However, the same buckle is strategic when positioning the pocket, because it will guarantee its fastening.
The new Flexa pocket is equipped with a secure and robust zip and is made of abrasion-resistant Supratex, which is resistant but very elastic. Inside the pocket, there's also a bunjee attachment for any accessories, while on the outside there's a D-Ring to secure the hood when not needed.


  • The ultimate expression of Trilastic design
  • Various thicknesses strategically placed in different areas of the body
  • New customizable soft and ergonomic closure
  • Comfortable back and shoulder system
  • Front zip with smooth neoprene protection for extra comfort and insulation
  • Integrated buckle on the leg for attaching the hood or dedicated flexa smart pocket (sold separately)
  • Grip area on wrists for tool attachment


Thickness: 3 different thicknesses positioned in different areas of the body: 8mm, 6mm and 5mm.

Color: Blue & Black

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