Faber Steel Dive Tank Cylinder 12.2L / 232 Bar Standard


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The Faber 232 bar, 12.2 litres (100 cubic foot), Standard, 178 mm (7 inches) diameter, Steel Cylinder with DIN/K valve and cylinder boot is Nitrox ready. This is the taller, standard length version of the 12.2 litres Faber cylinders.

This is by far the most popular Faber steel cylinder. It's great for shore diving, boat diving and almost any other kind of diving you can consider. Technical divers going deep and wanting longer run times often twin up two of these cylinders.

These cylinders are made by Faber, the leading European manufacturer of scuba diving tanks, with extremely high-quality steel made to international standards. Faber cylinders display a unique combination of size, weight and buoyancy. 

Our tank come with updated Hydrostatic Stamp .
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If you are planning to use the cylinder with Nitrox mixes higher than 40% oxygen, it's essential for the safety of the cylinder user and the person filling the cylinder that the tank is Oxygen cleaned. That means the valve will be oxygen cleaned and prepared with special o-rings, seats, and grease designed for exposure to pure oxygen. 

Scuba tanks can be filled up to 40% Nitrox mixes without special Oxygen cleaning as long as the place filling it have pre-mixed nitrox. Otherwise, for partial pressure fills, you will need to have the tank oxygen cleaned for any mixes.

*Installation/disassemble of the tank valve must be operated by dive shop or qualified air fill station to avoid any risk of injury or death.

About Tank Handle

The tank handle suits 39mm - 41mm neck diameter and can only be used on steel tanks. Made from a strong plastic polymer, the tank handle attaches to your tank by screwing in on tank neck. 

The scuba diving tank handle is great for attaching to your dive cylinder to make it easier and safer to transport.

About Valve

This 'left' valve is considered the standard or common valve style, as the orientation is similar to commonly used valves on most dive cylinders. It's popular for use on side mount setups on the diver's left side, and for the OXYGEN cylinder on rebreathers.

This 'right' valve is considered the atypical or uncommon valve style, as the orientation is opposite to commonly used valves on most dive cylinders. It's popular for use on sidemount setups on the diver's right side, and opposite side stage bottles to keep the valves facing the same direction while keeping hand-wheels on opposite sides. It's also commonly used for the DILUENT cylinder on rebreathers.

This sidemount valve has a longer extended hand wheel for easy diver turn on and off. The recessed burst disk gives added advantage against disk damage while in wrecks or caves. Comes with O-ring, dip tube and black tank hand-wheel.


  • Nitrox Ready Up to 40%
  • Most Widely Sold Steel Cylinder Size
  • Water Capacity: 12.2 litres (100 cubic feet)
  • Working Pressure: 232 bar (3365 psi)
  • Great Buoyancy Characteristics:
    Buoyancy Better for Back Inflation Style BCD's (Wings)
    Shed the Lead
    Better Weight Distribution
  • Equipped with Cylinder Boot
  • Tank Construction:
    Deep Drawn Chromium-Molybdenum Steel
    Triple Protected Zinc Sprayed
    Epoxy and Polyurethane Painted
    Round Bottom Cylinder
  • Cylinder Valve:
    San-o-Sub DIN/K Convertible Valve
    Easily Switch Between Yoke and 200 bar DIN
  • Heavy-Duty Design
  • Smooth Operating Valve Mechanism
    High Flow Capacity Valve
    Chrome Plated Marine Brass
  • Made in Italy


  • Fill pressure: 232 bar (3365 psi)
  • Test pressure: 348 bar (5047 psi)
  • Standard: BS 5045 Pt 1
  • Material: 34CRMO4 Chromium-Molybdenum Alloy Steel
  • Manufacturing Process: Cold deep drawing from steel plate
  • External Primary Finish: Hot Zinc sprayed, layer thickness 60/70 microns
  • External Final Finish: 2 part polyurethane white paint sprayed and air-dried
  • Internal Finish: Chemically treated with Ferrous Phosphate
  • Neck Thread: 3/4 -14 NPSM
Water Cap. Volume Cu Ft Tare Weight Len. Dia. Buoyancy
Empty Full
12.2-litre standard 100 cf
12.9 kg
28.4 lb
625 mm
24.6 in
178 mm
7 in
-0.75 kg
-1.7 lb
-4.25 kg
-9.4 lb

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