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INSTRUMENT SPG52 Package Variation



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The SPG52 pressure gauge - 15cm hose Miflex for Oxygen, is fitted with features making it a premium item for technical diving. The double welding allows it to be used by technical divers without protective cover. Its copper bourdon tube mechanism allows it to never lose its calibration even in case of big bumps. It is supplied with a 15 cm Miflex hose to be used in technical diving stages or in the sidemount configuration.


• Manometer with graduation range 0-360 bar, 0-5000 psi
• Single reading
• Tempered glass
• Luminescent screen
• 56 cm rubber hose or 15 cm miflex in black carbon/titanium
• Air or 100% oxygen (oxygen cleaning compatible)
• EN 250 Certified
• Designed for technical divers and high quality regulators
• Case treatment with double mirror chrome plating: guarantees the most attractive appearance and maximum protection against corrosion
• Brass housing with tempered glass for excellent durability and possibility of use without protective cover thanks to double welding
• Bourdon tube mechanism in beryllium copper that never loses its calibration even in the event of a strong impact
• Maximum degree of precision and reliability
• Preferred for its simplicity by many technical divers which follow the DIR formation philosophy
• Available in 6 options to meet any type of technical requirement

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