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Halcyon Defender Pro Safety Spools 150 45m

Halcyon Defender Pro Safety Spools 150 45m


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The Halcyon Defender Pro series is the top-of-the-line spool series for technical divers and the preferred choice of cave divers worldwide.

With its nearly indestructible Delrin design, these spools can be used for years without any issues. The solid centre of the spools reduces the risk of catching a finger and reduces the overall size of the spool, which makes them easier to carry and operate.

All real sizes are available with an Easy Grip adapter, which improves your grip when wearing a glove and gives you the option to lock the spool or set it to free spin. These adapters can be removed and retrofitted to any other Halcyon Defender Pro spool.


These reels come fitted with a #24 line and are available in size: 150' (45m).