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Scubapro Universal Scuba Gear Hanger


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The Scubapro Universal Hanger will conveniently fit all of your dive gear and lets you store it in a small space. The Scubapro Universal Hanger will allow you to store away your wetsuit, regulators, Buoyancy Compensating Device, and boots. The U-shape will fit your regulator, the BCD goes over the hooks, wetsuit over the "shoulders" and your boots can be clipped in the retainer. The Scubapro Universal Hanger even allows you to store your o-rings for your tank valve and has space to put a name tag on there. The Scubapro Universal Hanger is available in LIME colour.


  • Regulator slips into central U-hook.
  • BC slips under shoulder hooks.
  • Wetsuit hangs over central bar or shoulder hook.
  • Extra tank-valve O-rings nest in indentation.


Marketing Product Type – Accessories

Weight: 0.9 lb

Weight capacity: up to 10 lbs

Material: plastic


Activity: Hanging

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