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The tec and professional diver's fin of choice, the all time classic Scubapro Jet Fins, is still going strong. The Scubapro Jet Fin was introduced over 50 years ago and has been one of the most robust, powerful and durable fins in the world ever since. The Jet fin is without a doubt the best known fin in the world and has been a favourite amongst military, commercial, professional and technical divers! The Scubapro Jet Fins are constructed entirely from rubber, promising a long lasting fin (most jet fins last for well over 20 years!). Spring straps included for free!


  • Integrated HUD adapter tightly secures the HUD Hands-Free Computer to the Frameless Mask.
  • Rubber construction is known for its durability, promising a lifetime of use.
  • Proven vented design decreases drag on the up-stroke and enhances thrust on the down-stroke.
  • Features a traditional adjustable rubber heel strap.
  • Available in Black.
  • Short Style Fin.


Marketing Product Type – Fins: Fins

Fin Type: Blade, Open Heel

Product Weight: 4.45 lb | 2.02 kg

Materials - Masks: Rubber

Length: 21.8 Inches

Color: BLACK

Heel Strap Type: Adjustable Rubber

Activity: Technical

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