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Weefine Kraken Smart Housing Lens Mount


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This handy M52 lens adapter is for mounting wet interchangeable lenses on the Weefine Smart Housing WFH01 

It can be adjusted to match 99% of the phones currently on the market. 

Originally designed for any M52 lens. Can also be used with other brand lenses like Inon or Weefine with an 52-67 step-up ring. 

Take your underwater photography to the next level with this essential adapter. 

NOTE: Weefine Smart Housing is sold in North America as Kraken Smart Housing. The products are identical and all the accessories will work.


  • Aluminium construction 
  • Built-in vacuum check system
  • Adjustable phone clamp suitable for most phone sizes.
  • Depth rated to 80m
  • Powered by 2 x AAA batteries
  • Can be mounted onto most housing trays
  • Dimensions: 205mm (w) x 105mm (h) x 61mm (d)
  • Weight on land: 860g

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