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Weefine Macro Lenses +23 Wfl06S / M67



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  • Achromatic macro lens with +23 diopters and a focal length of 43.48mm.
  • A high-end product, manufactured to satisfy the most demanding customers.
  • Made with 5 elements and 3 groups, it is a lens for a sensor size 36mm x 24mm (135mm) and cameras with 60mm to 105mm lenses.
  • Work from 27mm to 36mm away from your target and produce a magnification of x4.2 with 105mm lenses.


  • Acriomatic macro lens with +23 diopters.
  • 5 elements, 3 groups.
  • Optical glass manufactured in multi layer.
  • Body made of anodized aluminum.
  • Measures 71.8mm x 60.3mm.
  • 593 gr on land.
  • 379gr in water.
  • Submersible up to 60m. 

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