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Hot off the production line are the latest color accessories for our most customisable mask ever released, the Scubapro Zoom EVO. Now, not only do you have eleven great colours and skirt types available as standard, we also have nine colour insert kits that you can swap to make endless varieties of customised colours, skirts and an even wider range of corrective lenses than ever before! Personalized design created by yourself ,divers can add any fram of colour by themselves,without the need for tools, in less than a minute. The Zoom EVO not only makes adding corrective lenses easy, it looks good too. Featuring stylish spray painted sub-frames in a variety of colors that match Seawing Nova fins, HYDROS PRO BCs and SCUBAPRO’s new UPF Collection of rash guards, steamers and leggings, the Zoom EVO is easy to customize optically, it matches perfectly with other gear.


  • These nine colour kits.
  • Simply clicked on the mask frame and make a new outfit easy.
  • Look Your Best While Diving.
  • Prefer Different Color Frame Accent to Match Other Gears Color Scheme?
  • Fits Scubapro D-Mask.


Marketing Product Type – Mask Accessories


Materials: Plastic

Weight - Mask: 0.05lb

Department: Uni-sex

Color: BLACK/Pink, BLACK/Red, BLACK/Turquoise, BLACK/Silver, BLACK/Purple, BLACK/Yellow, SILVER/Blue, Silver/Yellow, Silver

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