Scubapro Frameless Mask with Snorkel Set


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The Scubapro Frameless Mask has been around for a long time and is still one of the most popular masks in the diving industry. The frameless design makes it a great choice for a number of reasons. Frameless masks are low volume masks, which is a popular feature for freedivers and makes the mask easier the clear of any water that came in. Frameless masks sit closer to the face which enhances the field of vision, making the Scubapro Frameless a great choice for people looking for a mask that is great for visibility. The buckles on the mask are easy to loosen and tighten, and are placed directly on the skirt. This means it's easy to fold flat the mask and place it in a BCD pocket for example.

ESCAPE SEMI-DRY SNORKEL DESCRIPTION: Splash guard top design helps keep water from entering the large-bore barrel. Flexible, corrugated section is easy to use and drops away from face when not needed.Ergonomic mouthpiece enhances comfort during extended swims.Purge valve positioned at the lowest point requires only a quick breath to clear any errant water. Quick-connect clip makes it easy to attach or remove snorkel from mask strap.

Scuba Mask Strap Black Cover Avoid pulling or tangle your hair when using this mask strap cover.When your Diving Mask sinks into the water,It will be a good helper.


  • High-impact polycarbonate frame delivers durability and strength.
  • Hypoallergenic silicone skirt with double-feathered edge is super-comfortable and keeps water out.
  • Extra-large single lens provides an expansive field of view while reducing volume.
  • Large-bore upper tube with dry top is designed for dry and easy breathing.
  • Purge valve, positioned at the lowest point, takes care of any water that might enter the airway.
  • Regulator-style mouthpiece offers good bite tabs for a comfortable fit, ideal for extended snorkeling adventures.
  • Quick-connect clip makes it easy to attach or remove snorkel from mask strap.
  • Remove one end of your mask strap and insert through this mask cover, then tie the strap back to your mask.
  • One side is black color and another side is grey color


Marketing Product Type – Mask sets

Mask type: Silicone Single Lens

Snorkel type: Contoured, Semi-dry top

Dimensions - Mask: 20 × 8 × 11.5 cm

Materials - Masks: Polycarbonate, High-Grade Silicone

Materials - Snorkel: Silicone

Weight - Mask: 0.5 lb

Weight - Snorkel: 0.4 lb | 0.181 kg

Volume - Mask: Moderate

Color: BLACK

Activity: Recreational/Technicial

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