Scubapro Dive Computer or Compass BUNGEE Cord 1.5m


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Bungee cord as is commonly known is a popular accessory item for lots of scuba divers. Bungee cord is considered to be a more durable solution to surgical tubing for most scuba applications. Bungee cord is suitable for all marine applications because it is rot-proof, waterproof, and resistant to mould, mildew and UV rays. Bungee cord is continuous rubber bands in a durable nylon jacket. Bungee Cord is perfect for securing SMB's or Lift Bags to diving rigs, OR for making regulator necklaces so popular with technical divers.


Common uses: Bungee forearm mounts (e.g. compasses, slates).

Regulator necklaces.

Squeezing down wings and BC bladders.

SMB / Lift bag retainers.

Marketing Product Type – Computers/Gauges

Activity: Recreational/Technical

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