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A Smart Way to Secure Your Valuable Equipment. Nothing's worse than having a favorite dive light slip out of your hand, and you have to watch helplessly as it disappears into the depths. Gear loss like this doesn't happen when it's clipped to a SCUBAPRO retractor. Providing a split ring on one end, a clip on the other, and 43in/110cm of retracting cable in between, when your gear is clipped on you'll have plenty of cables to allow a maximum range of motion, but you'll never lose it. It's a great accessory for securing dive lights, cameras, computers, or slates, and it will also keep your gauge console from swinging free and bouncing off reefs while diving.


  • Extractable 3.6ft/1.1m cord has a pull force of 1lb/0.5kg.
  • Includes a key ring for attaching an exposure meter, octopus, computer, compass, or similar clip-on gear.
  • Once extracted, the cord can be locked by the push of a button.
  • The retractor comes with a premium finish and a stainless steel bolt snap.


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