SCUBAPRO 18650 Battery For 720R/850R Torch


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Scubapro Tenergy Li-Ion Batteria 3.7v For Nova 720,720R, 850, 850R. TENERGY LI-ION BATTERY 3.7V

Exclusive patented PCB that eliminates all the voltages external to the 3,5-4,25v interval.

High energic density and high capacity, low weight Produced following ISO9001- 2000 rules to ensure the quality. Battery tested according to IEC (International Electro technical Commission) to ensure capacity, quality duration. Ideal for torches, portable devices, usage in lighting or other devices that require 3.7V

Smart USB 18650 Battery Charger Intelligent USB 18650 Battery Charger for Li-ion Ni-MH Liepo4 and 3.85V Li-ion 26650 22650 26500 14500 AA AAA


  • USB powered Li-ion battery charger, it intelligently recognize/ display/ charge Ni-MH and Li-ion batteries.
  • Intelligently identify input power and automatically adjust suitable charging method and charging current, It can automatically choose the most suitable charging current (0.5A, 1.0A) for your batteries to ensure the longest lifespan for your batteries.
  • Integrated intelligent power management system, Maximize the lifespan for your battery.
  • Features USB output charging, it can use the batteries to recharge your mobile phone and other USB LED light !
  • Identify Li-ion and Ni-MH battery automatically MUST fix the charging mode to Li-Fe when you charge LiFePO4 battery or 3.85V Li-Ion battery(Identify 1.2V Ni-MH/3.7V Li-ion battery auto matically and select manually for 3.85V battery Li-ion and LiFePO4 battery).
  • Features reverse polarity protection.
  • Over-charging and over-discharge protection.
  • Identify broken/defective battery. CAN’T charge battery type of 1.6-2.2VFeatures optimized charging program for IMR batteries. Intelligently selects charging current based on battery capacity.


Marketing Product Type – accessories

Input: Micro USB DC 5V/1A

Output: USB 5V/1A

Output: 4.2V±10%/5V, 1000mA/500mA

Charger Net weight: Approx. 62g

Charger size: Approx: 112 x 37 x 32mm

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