San-o-Sub DIN/K Cylinder Valve


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The San-o-Sub DIN/K Cylinder Valve is for use with both DIN and Yoke (K) regulator first stage fittings. The outlet on the cylinder valve is a five-thread 200-Bar DIN, designed to accept an included DIN to Yoke adaptor insert. Available with either a Green or Black hand-wheel knob.

The convertible, cross-flow valves are made by San-o-Sub, a leading Italian manufacturer of medical, industrial and scuba valves. They are strong and reliable and are made from really top quality materials. The inner air passages were carefully studied in the design so as to guarantee top performance even, and above all, with the top performance regulators. The valve design ensures an excellent grip, facilitating the opening and closing of the tank.

The valve has the shorter 200 bar, female DIN connection with 5 threads to connect your first stage DIN scuba regulator. The valve regulator connection comes complete with a threaded DIN to Yoke insert, which means it can equally be used for both INT bracket (Yoke) or DIN regulator connections. Use an 8 mm Allen key to take the insert out or put it in.

The valve has a standard 3/4"x14 NPSM (NGS) parallel thread to fit the cylinder neck thread of most Australian Standard aluminium and steel tanks/cylinders/bottles. It has a 60° thread form, a pitch diameter of 0.9820 to 0.9873 in (24.94 to 25.08 mm), and a pitch of 14 threads per inch (5.5 threads per cm).

Colours: Black valve knob is standard, but other colour (+$15) are also available.


  • Standard 200 bar Female DIN Connection with 5 Threads
  • Standard Yoke Outlet, with a Spin-Out Threaded DIN to Yoke Adaptor
  • High-Flow Characteristics to Maximise Regulator Performance
  • Easy-and-Comfortable Cylinder Handling
  • Positive Hand Wheel Grip for Easy-Identification of On/Off Direction
  • Proven and Readily Available Replacement Valve Parts
  • Approved Burst Disc Assembly with Integrated-Disc and Plug Design
  • Multi Ported Burst Disc Plug for Added Safety
  • Durable Corrosion Resistant Marine Grade Chrome Plated Brass
  • Heavy-Duty Valve Mechanism: Designed for Smooth-Operation
  • Standard 3/4"x14 NPSM Threaded Cylinder to Valve Inlet
  • High-Capacity Dip Tube
  • Nitrox Ready up to 40% (Can be O2 Cleaned)
  • Tested to Exceed Real World Expectations
  • Made in Italy

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