Mares Volo Power Fins Blue


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Mares Volo Power Fins are high-performance fins with minimal exertion, comfort and lightweight. The anatomic foot pocket features interior ribs that improve fit, eliminate foot suction and prevent foot pocket flexing which transmits more power to the blade.

The Volo Fins feature “OPB” – Optimized Pivoting Blade. This allows the blade to maintain an optimal angle all throughout the kicking cycle, whereas traditional fins achieve this only during a small portion of the cycle. Therefore, the Volo fins produce a constant thrust, helping to minimize diver or snorkeler fatigue and producing a smooth, fluid movement through the water.

Ideal for Women, kids and all divers want the easiest kicking in the market.


  • Channel Thrust Technology
  • Optimized Pivoting Blade system for greater kicking efficiency and power.
  • Anatomical foot pocket.
  • The Volo Fins are made from Thermoplastic Rubber-Technopolymers

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