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The thumb, index and middle fingertips are uncovered on the MARES XR Tek 2mm Amara Gloves providing protection for your hands while keeping dexterity for finer work when diving whether it be in a cave or at night. This semi-fingerless thin glove offers double lined 2mm neoprene with an Amara durable protective layer over the palm which adds insulation and further protection for the diver's hands. With the XR Tek 2mm Amara, Mares have designed for it to have no velcro straps, allowing for easy putting on and removal. They are easy on and off with no velcro needed and come in 6 sizes. 


  • 3 uncovered fingers (thumb, index, middle)
  • Double-lined neoprene, with Amara 2mm inserts.
  • The ideal solution is to have greater "sensitivity" on the fingers, during "diving in the dark".
  • No strap with hook and loop closure.


  • Marketing Product Type – Gloves
  • Thickness: 2mm
  • Pattern: Non-slip
  • Closure: Grip
  • Weight: >0.2 lb
  • Material: double-lined neoprene
  • Size: S,2XL
  • Color: BLACK/White
  • Activity: Travel, Recreational, Tek diving

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