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MARES advance package - SMB With FORCE PLUS KNIFE


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MARES compact safety buoy with weight is a mesh nylon sack equipped with a fastening carabiner contains the marker buoy, line and a weight.  this highly visible orange diver marker buoy is useful both when at the surface, to show your position to the boat and can also be deployed whilst ascending to identify where you will be surfacing.


The mares force knife is a standard-size knife and can be easily fastened to the mares bcds as well as any dive belts plus you leg as there are multiple attachment points and accessories. there are screws that attach the sheath to the mares bcd pockets, rubber leg straps for you to wear around your calf as well as being able to thread a weight belt through the sheath. the most popular way of carrying a knife is on the calf, however every one has a personal choice and the force knife gives you the ability to choose. the soft ergonomic grip offers a secure and comfortable hold and makes it easy to use and hold.



orange diver marker buoy

10m line

3000-2/3lb shaped lead weight

nylon sack with carabiner


soft over molded ergonomic handle

fits on mares bcds, bags and hoses

easy release system, even with gloves


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