InfinityDive 20 times Air fill +1 free air fill Cards


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  1. Each cylinder will be filled, and the card will take a hole for reference. 
  2. You must bring this card with you when you fill air. 
  3. If you lose this card, the prepaid fee will be invalid. 
  4. The number of uses only be displayed on the Card, and our company will not keep any records. 
  5. The number on the card is only used by our company for authentic verification and has nothing to do with the number of times of use. 
  6. There will be one free air fill if you use it 20 times.
  7. Can only be used for personal use and cannot be transferred or resold. 
  8. This card only valid for 1 years,start from purchase date.

After you start using it for the first time, there will be no refund for this product.

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