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Free diving Scuba Diving Weight Belt Rubber with SS Buckle / V.Dive



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The V.DIVE Rubber Weight Belt comes with the following features to make you a better freediver.

Stretchable Rubber Belt: Makes for a nice, comfy ‘second-skin’ type of fit. The rubber in the belt is stretchable, dynamic and flexible. When you bend; it bends.  The light-weight, stretchable rubber will have your belt and you feeling like one ultra-hydrodynamic unit torpedoing through the water to hit never-before-reached depths

Quick Release Buckle The cam-lock glass-filled nylon buckle is incredibly easy to undo during emergency situations. Simply flick it open with one hand, dump all your weights and jet back to the surface and take a big gulp of fresh air. Not only does the buckle look sleek and stylish in black, it can also save your life.


Made in Taiwan

Lifetime Free parts replacement

Weight: 0.47kg ,125cm Long, 5.08cm Wide 

( The belt is the perfect fit for most of you reading this! )

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