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Cressi Corvina Spearfishing Open Cell 2PC Wetsuit - 5mm Men - Size M ( Last One )

Cressi Corvina Spearfishing Open Cell 2PC Wetsuit - 5mm Men - Size M ( Last One )

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Size Weight Height Chest Waist Hip
Cressi/INT kg cm cm cm cm
5/M 63-78 170-178 92-98 74-78 80-85

The Cressi Corvina 5mm is the most advanced spearfishing and freediving wetsuit in the world today. It combines a level of technology and design not found in any other suit. This 5mm two-piece wetsuit comes with Long John pants (not pictured), with the bottom half in the camo pattern.

Cressi Two-Ply Neoprene: A product that combines 2 layers of Smooth Skin Neoprene with a structural high stretch elastic core. The result is an extremely high stretch and flexible material which has almost zero drag and great thermal properties underwater. Compared to traditional smooth inner and outer suits, the internal elastic core technology means the material can be sewn to obtain strong seams that will not tear and is more resistant to damage. Another benefit of this smooth skin outer is the instant dry aspect of the material which significantly reduces windchill while on the surface of the water or once out of the water, helping the diver to maintain warmth over extended periods and cooler days.

Cressi Zone System: Cressi's new Zone System is the evolution of the famous Cressi anatomical pattern and refers to the placement and direction of panels within the suit that allows the suit to Self-Adjust to the diver's body shape. The new pattern facilitates the dilation of the rib cage and back, as well as the mobility of the arms by having a single panel of neoprene without seams on the entire side of the torso, armpits and inside the arms. When combined with the Cressi Two-Ply system the result is a suit that delivers effortless breathing for the diver and a perfect fit allowing the diver to dive deeper and stay in the water longer.

Cressi Ultra Grey Camouflage: Replica of the seabed created from high-resolution photographs selected by the Cressi competition team among multiple options, slightly distorted to combine the ability to camouflage with an elegant aesthetic. Designed to diffuse the diver's shape in any condition this new camo pattern is as effective in the tropical north Queensland as it is off the coast of Tasmania.

The addition of sturdy Knee Pads and Speargun Loading Pads are the final touches on this amazing looking suit.

The combination of all the above features results in a new level of fit, performance, reliability and appearance never achieved before. The Cressi Corvina is available in 3.5mm and 5mm variation and should be your next spearfishing or freediving suit.


  • Two Piece Wetsuit
  • Long John Pants
  • 5 mm Two-Ply Neoprene< br /> 1 mm Smooth Skin
  • 4 mm Open Cell Neoprene
  • Cressi Ultra Grey Camouflage
  • Chest Reinforcement
  • Single Piece Underarm Section

Open-cell wetsuits are typically worn with a lubricant or "suit juice" to help the wearer slide into and out of the tight-fitting suit. Experienced divers and spearfishers often prefer them because they provide excellent insulation and flexibility, allowing for greater mobility and comfort in the water. However, they can be more challenging to put on and take off than other types of wetsuits, and they require careful handling to avoid damage to the delicate open cell neoprene lining.

*Kindly note that this wetsuit is made of an open-cell material, the distributor has not accepted any returns after the lubricated trial. Hence, make sure it is the correct size to fit.



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