AMX Teknology Shearwater Teric Dive Computer Protector Color Variation

AMX Teknology

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The AMX-TEKnology Protector for the Shearwater Teric dive computer is made out of a hard anodised marine-grade aluminium that protects it against any sort of abrasion or impact.

The protector is held in place by a rubber bungee and it sits higher than the screen to take the impact away from it. This therefore not only protects it from scratches but also extends the lifespan of your dive computer by absorbing any impact that might otherwise damage your dive computer and render it irreparable.

The AMX-TEKnology Protector provides maximum protection to both the screen and the body of the dive computer and it is surely a must get to keep your dive computer safe.


Made out of a hard anodised marine-grade aluminium.

Suitable for Shearwater Teric.

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