Why you should service your dive gear regularly

Why you should service your dive gear regularly

Just as your car requires regular maintenance to keep it functioning correctly, you’ll want to keep up to date on servicing your scuba gear as well – especially if you haven’t been diving with it in a while.



Picture this - you’re finally permitted to travel internationally, and you and your mates decide to go somewhere exotic and remarkable to have your first overseas dive in years (Philippines!). You pick up your regulator which you’ve left sitting inside of your scuba gear wardrobe for the last 2 years only to find that it’s… well, pretty much the same as you last left them there.

HOWEVER, there may be a lot more than what meets the eye! Just like the airbags in your car, you may not physically see if the airbags are functioning properly - but if you don’t get it inspected or serviced, inevitably it could cause potential hazards during usage.


Here let me set you another example, your regulator is comprised of many moving parts, especially o-rings which are made of either rubber and on most or all newer regs it will be EPDM (Oxygen Compatible to 40%). After a year the integrity of the o-rings starts to diminish due to natural usage, and the lubricants start to wear down and become stale, furthermore the o-ring grease will drain into the primary regulator hose and potentially clogging it. So, it’s not a matter of ‘Oh but I only dove with this regulator 4 times so I can service it in another year”.



Divers of all levels are recommended to get their equipment professionally serviced or inspected at least once a year, the consequences of not doing such may potentially result in placing yourself and others at risk whilst underwater when you realize your dive gear are malfunctioning.


While it is clear to most of us that when you use a piece of particular diving equipment repeatedly, you will eventually need to get that equipment inspected and serviced to ensure its functioning just as it should. But you would be surprised to hear just how many people didn’t know that when their dive gear sits dry for long periods, it can dry out the essential parts of the equipment like the o-rings within the regulators. Sometimes, not using your gear can cause more of a need to service it. 


Here at Infinity Dive, we provide gear inspection and service for equipment such as:

  • Dive Computers               • Fins
  • Regulator Sets                  • Masks
  • BCD                                     • Snorkel
  • Underwater Housing       • Dive Torch


Ultimately, an enjoyable diving experience most certainly starts with annually inspected and up-to-date functioning gear. And if you'd like to get your malfunctioning gear professionally serviced, or you are leaving for a dive trip in the next 2 weeks and want to ensure your equipment is properly inspected and working, please visit the link provided below!


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