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Scubapro Regulator Necklace


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Scubapro Regulator Necklace is designed for your back-up or alternate air source regulator around your neck.
In more progressive diving education, the diver donates the primary regulator on a longer hose (5-7′) allowing for the diver to distance themselves from the OOA diver, while the donor retains their alternate under their chin secured by the Scubapro Regulator Necklace.
This Shockcord Necklace design far outperforms the inferior wannabe silicone ones that a lot of divers think makes them look cool. With the silicone one’s the alternate routinely falls out and the necklace loop is far too long causing the regulator to hang down.
Keep your kit more streamlined and obtain the right tool for the right job.  In this case its the shockcord necklace from Scubapro.

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