Scubapro Reusable Mouthpiece Clamp


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Scubapro introduces a new concept in Mouthpiece Retainers. Instead of throwing away Single-Use Plastic Tie-Wraps, this Band can be used Over-and-Over Again. Plus, with today's Health Issues, it's also ideal for Students, Classes, Resorts and Rental Regulators, allowing the Customer to Supply their Own Mouthpiece. 
Great for Travel or just a handy item for a Save-a-Dive Kit this Durable Plastic with Metal Latched Quick-Release Mouthpiece Clamp goes On-Easy and can be Quickly Release when you need to remove the Mouthpiece.


  • Quick Release Mouthpiece Clamp Features
  • Great Idea for the Traveling Rental Diver
  • Allow Quick On/Off of Regulator Mouthpiece
  • Re-Usable Mouthpiece Fastening
  • Great for Students and Classes
  • Health Conscious Design, Better Hygiene
  • Great Save-a-Dive Kit Item