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Five dives are required to complete in the course:

  • Deep diving, safety stops, advanced diving devices arrangement
  • Navigation
  • Buoyancy control
  • Underwater photography 
  • Night/Limited Visibility 
  • Underwater photography 
  • Boat dive
  • Search & recovery
  • Diver Propulsion Vehicle
  • Marine Ecosystems Awareness

Course include:

  • Surface marker buoy,Secondary torch,Fins,Tanks and weights
  • Two days of open water session, face to face theory class before diving
  • Day 1: Deep Dive ( Required ),Boat Dive or Buoyancy control etc. (On Second Dive)
  • Day 2: Navigation (Required), Search & Recovery, Underwater photography or Night Dive etc. (On Second & Third Dive )
  • BCD & Regulator set with dive computer provided for club member only
  • Boat Dive plus in course (Optional)
  • International certificate for successful candidates

Not include :

  • Transportation and Food 
  • Mask,Snorkel,Wetsuit,Hood,Gloves,Booties (Due To Infectious Diseases)

We are offering worldwide recognized dive training courses with certifications from SDI TDI and ERDI.

All courses are conducted by our highly professional team to make sure that all of our students can receive the best quality training.

The valid time period of any course is 1 year (before the course start). The course time is very flexible. You can obtain an internationally recognized diver certificate and become a qualified ADVANCED ADVENTURES diver !

Course Policy

  1. There will be a payment deadline announcement to all participants, no late fee will be accepted.
  2. If you cancel or transfer your course due to personal reasons, you need to pay an administration fee starting from $98, which will incur within the paid fee.
  3. If the new course is of a higher value than the original booking, the difference must also be paid. No exceptions.
  4. If special circumstances or ocean conditions cause the necessary cancel on activities of the day, our students or participants who paid will get the fee convey into credit point. No direct cash return.
  5. If unable to attend for personal reasons, this is non-refundable.
  6. Before payment for any activity or course, the company reserves the right to change the price, and participants must take the initiative to confirm the relevant changes.
  7. If an emergency medical condition manifests within 24hrs of your course start time, proof must be provided in order to transfer your course at a reduced rate depending on the case.
  8. If you have indicated yes to any of the questions on our dive conditional from, then one will need to be provided at the time of booking or 14 days prior to the course start date. Once you are fit to dive unconditionally, cancellation procedure will apply the above conditions. Failure to do so will result in forfeit of the course and rebooking will be at full cost.

Special Conditions

Special circumstances will deal in case-by-case manner as such medical conditions, verbal instructions, unconditional payment, etc