Scubapro Octopus Retainer Clip With Regulator Mouthpiece Set ( Silicone )


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The Scubapro Octopus Retainer is a great occy retainer as it keeps your octopus in place and won't drop it during your dive. 
Specially designed to prevent anything from entering the regulator.
You can simply pull it in an emergency and the occy will be free and ready to use straight away.
The Scubapro Octopus Retainer Clip is available in grey colour.


Scubapro Regulator Mouthpieces are super comfy and are available in 2 different materials. 
Choose either the mouthpiece made of Super Comfort Silicone or the mouthpiece made of Super Comfort Vinyl depending on your liking! ( Vinyl ) sold separately.
It can never hurt to have a backup mouthpiece with you in case of an unexpected tear in your current mouthpiece, and with a Scubapro mouthpiece, you're sure to have a comfortable solution.