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SCUBAPRO Mask Colorful Strap Cover


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Enjoy your dives wearing a mask decked out with a colorful neoprene strap. Gone are the days of tangled hair and twisted headbands, these straps are easy to use and ultra-comfortable. Upgrade your rubber mask strap to one that won't pull or tangle your hair by installing this nylon-2 neoprene mask strap cover. This unique cover simply slips over your mask strap covering the existing strap and lets you experience comfortable diving! Scubapro's 2.5mm Neoprene Mask Strap Cover is constructed of the finest materials with taped and sewn edges for strength and durability. To keep the strap cover from shifting from side to side there are hook and loop tabs inside the cover to anchor it to your rubber mask strap. The strap is available in a wide range of colors and boasts the classic Scubapro logo.


  • 2.5mm Neoprene thickness.
  • Ultra-comfortable Neoprene Strap Cover.
  • Prevents tangled hair and twisted headbands.
  • Perfect for underwater use, compatible with most masks.
  • Remove one end of your mask strap and insert through this mask cover, then tie the strap back to your mask.
  • Light, flat foldable, easy to store in a pocket.


Marketing Product Type – Mask Accessories 

Mask type: Any

Width: 21.5cm

Materials: neoprene

Weight: 0.1lb


Activity: Recreational/Technical

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