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Scubapro High Pressure Hoses For Gauge Or Computer


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Scubapro High Pressure hoses are not made with a rubber outer layer like traditional hoses but with Pebax, a high performance elastomer that is flexible, lightweight and capable of holding high pressures. Scubapro High Pressure Hoses are also much thinner than rubber hoses allowing them to be much more flexible in use, especially when pressurised. The Pebax coating is very smooth and allows any material that it comes in contact with to slide off easily rather than get tangled or nicked.



05.004.010~ 10cm HP Hose

01.044.008~ 20cm HP Hose

05.004.060~ 60cm HP Hose

05.004.085~ 85cm HP Hose

06.204.278~ (Male to Male) XP-H,Smart Com, Aladin Air without Quick Release

05.001.090~ (Male to Male) XP-H,Smart Com, Aladin Air with Quick Release

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