Scubapro AIR 2 5th Generation


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The Scubapro Air 2 is the most easy to use out of the way backup breather on the market today! 
It is an Air 2 with a CE certification (EN250 Second Stage Regulator).

The fifth generation Scubapro Air 2 combines your alternate airsource with the BC's power inflator and makes it one easy to use unit! The unit is always there when you need it and you will know exactly where to find it in case of an emergency. It will enable you to steadily breathe from it, while easily controlling your buoyancy as you slowly make your way back to the surface.

The fifth generation has a large purge cover, that is smooth and easy to locate when needed. It has a dive/pre-dive switch to let you detune it when not in use as a regulator and the air flow is as smooth as if you were breathing from a normal second stage.

The inflator fits comfortably in your hand and has large inflate and deflate buttons that can easily be distinguished (by the different colours and different shapes). Both buttons are on the top of the unit for easy operation when breathing from it.

The Scubapro Air 2 was the first one on the market and with 5 generations of improvements, it's still the top of the line !

The BCD corrugated hose not include. 

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Scott Mcgrath
Scubapro air 2

Excellent service and speedy delivery