Mares Ultra 72X Regulator


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First Stage 72X
The 72X first stage is compact and incredibly robust. The body of the first stage is forged from brass, chrome-plated and finished with a 'pearlised' surface. There are eight low-pressure ports: four horizontal and four vertical. All eight are equipped with 'Natural DFC' for high airflow in all conditions. The configuration possibilities for technical and recreational diving are endless. The two high-pressure ports are pre-oriented for optimal use. The 72X first stage is equipped with Mares Auto-Sealing Technology (AST), which provides excellent protection against the intrusion of water or unwanted substances. A very simple mechanical solution keeps the internal mechanism dry and free from obstructions, thus providing superior reliability.

Ultra second stage
The innovative Twin Power System offers additional adjustment, allowing the diver to control the speed of the airflow. A simple twist increases airflow when required. The Ultra second stage is pneumatically balanced and offers comfortable and effortless breathing in every situation. A Superflex Whip connects the first stage to the second stage and provides support and flexibility for comfortable diving.
Also available as an Octopus with the same features.
It meets and exceeds the requirements of the Norsok U-101 standard to a depth of 200 m.



  • Material:Ultralight Technopolymer 
  • First Stage:Balanced Diaphragm 
  • HP Ports:2 HP 7/16” UNF 
  • LP Ports:LP 3/8” UNF