Mares Training Buoy / Red


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The Mares Mares Training Bouy is a Freediving training buoy that is a bright red colour and measures 70cm X 17cm with an internal volume of 48L. It has 4 durable handles on the outside that are designed for pre-dive preparation allowing you to breathe up before your dives. There are 2 Stainless steel D-rings that are used to connect the dive line to. On the top of the buoy is an external zip pocket that has plenty of room to store the dive line when not in use and the buoy has an oral inflate with an overpressure valve to prevent it from being overfilled. 
When freediving, having a buoy is extremely important as it allows you to breathe up whilst holding on to the buoy in a calm way giving you more chance for longer breath holds and deeper diving. Being a bright red, it is also a great safe colour for when in the ocean. 


  • Large Zip Pocket for storage
  • 2 Stainless steel D-rings
  • 4 Durable handles
  • Oral Inflate
  • Overpressure valve


  • Color: Black/White/Red
  • Dimensions: 70cm X 17cm
  • Internal Volume: 48L

Care Instructions

Wash thoroughly after every use
Store in a dark place
Do not leave in direct sunlight whilst not in use
Do not lean on rocks or sharp objects when in use