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Mares Dive Computer Puck Pro + Color Variation


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The Puck Pro + scuba diving computer is the evolution of the previous Puck Pro model. Ultra-flat design for a perfect fit. It allows you to handle multi-mix dives with up to two Nitrox blends (21-99%). The 3-line layout ensures clean, clear and understandable readability, thanks to the traditional segment display.
Ease of use is ensured by the single button for immediate and intuitive operation The logbook is guaranteed for 35 hours with a 5-second sampling rate dive profile. It can be used in in-depth gauge mode with resettable average depth and with the use of a stopwatch.
The upgradeable firmware and user-replaceable battery make maintenance minimal and truly accessible to all, without any technical support.
The Puck Pro + is an entry-level solution, but only in terms of price. In fact, its performance is superior, even allowing you to handle a decompression mixture.
The Puck Pro + can be used with the new "BLUELINK" system: the Bluetooth clip connector that allows you to download the dive data recorded by Mares computers directly to your smartphone, without the use of cables and connectors.
A modern, adaptable technology that allows you to record and store data recorded during scuba diving activity in a more streamlined and immediate manner."


  • material:cr2450
  • battery duration:200-300 dives
  • nitrox use: from 21% to 99%
  • max displayed depth:150m / 492ft
  • ascent rate indicator (m/min - ft/min):true
  • memory capacity:36h
  • profile sampling rates:5s
  • display: segment display
  • gas switching: true
  • stopwatch: true
  • watch: false
  • dual time: false
  • daily alarm: false
  • plan mode: true
  • choice_met_imp: true
  • fresh and seawater settings: true
  • resid_nitro_reset: true
  • option to exclude audible alarms: true
  • exclusion of 'uncontrolled ascent': true
  • altitude adjustment: true
  • temperature:-10°c to +50°c / 14°f to 122°f
  • logbook memory:35 hours of dive profile at a 5-second sampling rate
  • display material: mineral glass
  • clock:quartz clock, time, date, dive time display up to 99 minutes (999 minutes in bottom timer mode)
  • upgradeable software: true
  • air integrated: false
  • graphic and numeric
  • tank pressure: false
  • USB charger: false