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Mares Bonito Combo Mask Snorkel Set


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 The Mares Bonito Mask and snorkel set are of amazing quality made from 100% silicone on both the mask and the snorkel which is extremely soft and comfortable to wear for long periods at a time. There is nothing worse than an uncomfortable mask that does not fit correctly as it will only get worse after time and ruin your time in the water so the Bonito is a great choice as it fits the majority of mid to large size adult faces. It has a wide range of vision due to the large teardrop lenses and twin-lens design which mean that there are two individual lenses within the frame and they are made from tempered glass (as all snorkel and dive masks should be). It has an adjustable 100% silicone strap that you can tighten to pull the mask in using the super-easy yet durable plastic buckles. Bonito's frame is made from durable plastic that will last many years with good care including cleaning with fresh clean water after every use, and not leaving it in the sun. It is a perfect mask to use on a family holiday or as a started kit when looking to get into snorkelling.  

The snorkel in this set is also made with 100% silicone which is super comfortable in your mouth and it has a contoured design. It has a purge valve under the mouthpiece which means that when water enters the snorkel from the top, rather than having to blow the water all the way back out the top, it will quickly be removed with one quick breath from the bottom purge area. This is a one-way valve to no water will ever enter in from this valve, it will only drain. At the top of the snorkel is a semi-dry wash over the top which prevents any splashing water or waves from entering the snorkel. If you duck dive under the water, the snorkel will fill with water however when you blow out, it will empty via the purge valve.



  • 100% Silicone mask and snorkel
  • Adjustable strap
  • Adult size
  • Easy-adjust buckles
  • Twin lens
  • Tempered glass lens
  • Plastic frame
  • Contoured snorkel design
  • Purge valve on the snorkel
  • Silicone strap
  • Semi-dry snorkel
  • Comfortable mouthpiece
  • Available in 3 colours
  • Mask comes with a reusable plastic container



  • Clear silicone with blue frame
  • Clear silicone with pink frame
  • Black silicone with red frame


  • Skirt - 100% Silicone
  • Frame and Buckles - Plastic
  • Lens - Tempered Glass

Size: Adult - One size fits most


  • Twin lens Mask
  • Semi-dry snorkel



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