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Free diving Scuba Diving Weight Belt Rubber with SS Buckle / V.Dive


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The V.DIVE Rubber Weight Belt comes with the following features to make you a better freediver.

Stretchable Rubber Belt: Makes for a nice, comfy ‘second-skin’ type of fit. The rubber in the belt is stretchable,  dynamic and flexible.  When you bend; it bends.  The light-weight, stretchable rubber will have your belt and you feel like one ultra-hydrodynamic unit torpedoing through the water to hit never-before-reached depths

Quick Release Buckle The cam-lock glass-filled nylon buckle is incredibly easy to undo during emergency situations. Simply flick it open with one hand, dump all your weights and get back to the surface and take a big gulp of fresh air. Not only does the buckle look sleek and stylish in black, but it can also save your life.


Made in Taiwan

Lifetime Free parts replacement

Weight: 0.47kg ,125cm Long, 5.08cm Wide 

(The belt is the perfect fit for most of you reading this! )