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Fourth Element Scout Mask White

Fourth Element

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With its distinctive appearance, the SCOUT mask has been designed to maximise comfort and performance during a dive. The frameless soft silicone skirt seals comfortably against the skin and the angled lens gives the diver an excellent field of vision. Packaged WITHOUT the strap, meaning the customer ‘builds’ their mask in-store or online – not only has the customer chosen the lens to give them their optimal view, but they have also chosen the strap and frame combination which gives them their preferred aesthetic.


Class Shield:

Inspired by the gold visors of NASA astronauts, the SHIELD lens provides UV protection and reduces glare, making it ideally suited to tropical and warmer water environments. Perfect for shallower diving and snorkelling in bright conditions. UVA and UVB radiation is reflected by the lens, reducing the exposure of the eye to potentially harmful rays.

Class Clarity:

Maximising the amount of transmitted light, without any tint from impurities in the glass, the CLARITY is the ideal lens for night divers and photographers. CLARITY is also the perfect lens for teaching - allowing students and instructors to clearly see each other’s eyes. The CLARITY lens is manufactured with the highest level of purity to deliver maximum visual acuity during a dive.

Class Contrast:

Filtering out some of the mid-range wavelengths of light in the visible spectrum, the CONTRAST lens has a green appearance. Particularly when diving in temperate (green) waters, images seen through the lens show an increase in contrast, accentuating brighter and darker areas, increasing the perception of visual acuity. The CONTRAST lens provides full UVA and UVB protection from harmful ultraviolet.

Class Enhance:

Filtering Ultraviolet and HEV (High Energy Visible) radiation, this lens is designed to protect the eye and enhance the visual experience. It is well known that UV has a damaging effect on the eye, but it has also been shown that HEV light can interfere with the lutein proteins in the eye and alter them, so filtering out this High Energy radiation can help to preserve optical health.



  • Single-lens frameless mask
  • Ideal for snorkelling and & scuba diving
  • Angled profile to maximise field of view
  • Soft silicone skirt for optimised comfort fit
  • Easily interchangeable straps
  • Available in a classic fit 

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