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Scubapro Dry Suit Replacement Compressed Neoprene 3mm Socks


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This is an option for any drysuit. As an alternative to having boots attached to the suit,Scubapro 3mm compressed neoprene socks can be bonded on. And they come with Amourtex Glued and blind stiched Seams Aquasealed on inside. When diving a conventional pair of wetsuit boots, or some form of "rock boots", are worn over the top. This system is warm and very much reduces the air that can become trapped around the feet. Care should be taken not to walk distances in these as there is a risk of puncture.So recommended to use Scubapro Delta short boots as protection. The Neoprene socks have the additional advantage of enabling the suit to be completely turned inside out for easy drying and servicing. The sock top Perimeter must be close to the circumference of the ankle of the drysuit. There is additional charge to swap to these socks. (Please contact us or your dive shop.)


  • Provides full-featured foot protection for warm-water diving.
  • Light comfort sole offers good protection without being stiff or heavy.
  • Thin sole provides some cushion and stability.
  • Composition:  90% neoprene, 10% nylon.


Marketing Product Type – Socks

Thickness: 3mm

Weight: 0.2 lb

Material: Neoprene

Size: XS-3XL

Color: BLACK

Activity: Recreational