Mares EOS 10RZ Rechargeable Torch


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The Mares EOS 10rz Rechargeable Torch is a primary underwater torch that can be used for diving or snorkelling. It gives out 1010 lumens when on high mode and 365 on low and is a LED light. LED lights are white light that is far better than the old halogen light as the white light shines through particles underwater whereas the yellow halogen reflects. The LED white light shines further to give maximum brightness in the distance. It can be held comfortably in your hand without being too bulky as a primary dive light and comes with a handy wrist lanyard so if you accidentally drop it, the torch will not be lost.

The Mares EOS 10rz has a rechargeable Li-ion battery and only takes 6 hours to fully recharge. This means that you no longer have to run out for more batteries when they run out all you need to do is simply plug in the USB cord and you are ready to charge. You can charge it in your computer via USB port or you can plug it into a phone charged dock to then plug that into the wall. The wall charger will take 6 hours and the computer charge will take 12 hours.

The Mares EOS 10rz has 3 modes that include 2 different brightnesses and a strobe mode. It has an adjustable focus beam that changes from a wide beam to a hot spot to allow you to choose which type of beam you want by simply twisting the head of the torch. You can also choose between 2 different brightness depending on the time of day or night. On a cloudy day, you may just need a little extra light so you can use the weaker light than on a night dive when you want the most light possible, you would use the brighter of the 2.

The strobe is for use for signalling your location and works in daylight or darkness. It is easily turned on and off by flicking an easy magnetic sliding switch which you can use with one hand using your thumb to slide to switch. The burn time for this particular torch is 105 minutes when on high mode and 270 minutes on low mode so either way, it is plenty of time for a dive or long snorkelling session. If you are looking for a new night diving torch, look no further as we have different kinds of torch ranges here at Oz Scuba.


  • Lumens at 1010 High - 365 Low
  • Burn Time: 105 min High - 270 min Low
  • Charge Time: 6h Wall Charge - 12h Computer Charge LED Light
  • Rechargeable Battery via USB
  • Li-ion Battery
  • Adjustable Beam
  • 2 Brightnesses and Strobe mode
  • Magnetic sliding on/off switch
  • On/Off lock
  • Comes with a wrist strap


Care Instructions: Rinse after every use with fresh water to remove chlorine or saltwater.

Do not use harsh chemicals to clean.

Make sure Torch is closed fully before immersing underwater.

Be careful when opening and closing the torch.

Do not leave in direct sunlight.

Colors: Silver/Black

Depth Rating: 260m (850ft)