Boat Charter - Jervis Bay

Jervis Bay Marine Park is a vast, beautiful and complex ecosystem.

Jervis Bay is home to a unique mix of tropical and temperate species including a vast variety of species of fish, sharks, rays, marine mammals, and plants inhabiting in its crystal-clear waters. Distinctively, two Fur Seal colonies resides at either headland of Jervis Bay Marine Park.

The chance to not only see but also interact with these extraordinary and remarkable animals up close is a rare and exciting opportunity for divers at Jarvis Bay. Our boat trip presents you this opportunity to check off your bucket lists by taking you on a magical trip along the unspoilt coastline to see ancient sea cases and remote sea cliffs as well as scuba diving with these mystical creatures!

Unlike a normal scuba diving trip where you need to keep fairly still to hope the marine animals approaches you, seal diving is an exceptional experience for divers at any levels to capture. These playful creatures are extremely inquisitive and enjoy mimicking divers as they explore Jervis Bay’s surrounding dive sites.

If you are ready to explore the underwater world of Jervis Bay and wish to participate in this special experience, let our team know and start your adventure today!


How much for the trip?

The price of the trip is $155/pp

-Included 2 dive in 1 day

-Extra charge will be apply if you wonder to hire equipment.

I do not have a diving certificate, can I join this trip?

Sorry, diving certificate is required for join this trip.

I want to participate in this event, but the time is not suitable for me. Is there any other time to choose?

Of course! You are welcome to contact our customer service staff, and our customer service staff will arrange a suitable time for you.

Can I bring my own diving equipment?

We offer diving equipment hire service, but for hygiene reasons, we strongly recommend that you use your own diving equipment.

For more information please contact: 

Mobile: 0407 078 581 (Jamie)