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Scubapro Dive Computer G2 Console

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  • $1,637.00
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With the G2 Dive computer console, Scubapro have taken the much loved G2 computer and made it air integrated. This incredibly easy to use computer is intuitive, reliable and bulletproof. Scubapro have taken everything you loved from the original Galileo range and combined it into a dive console. Its full colour screen is easy to read and easy to edit, showing you exactly the information you want to know. The colour indicators are designed to quickly draw your attention to what you need to know, thus increasing your safety, the readability and it usability. With its intuitive menu structure it really is a progression of the Galileo with its reputation of the easiest computer to use. The G2 console also offers the industry’s leading digital compass with two different screen display styles to make sure you always know where you are going. After completing your dive the console also has a quick release system so you can log your dive information and is Bluetooth compatible to allow it to easily sync with your PC, Mac, Android or iPhone. If you don’t have chance to record your information daily this computer can also store up to 1,000 hours of dive profiles. The console comes in a rugged rubber boot to protect against bumps and a hose protector to safeguard the quick release fitting. These provide protection to your computer providing you the security to know that it will last even with demanding dives. This computer is designed to go anywhere and to grow with a diver, wherever you passion may take you.


  • Intuitive, Reliable and Bulletproof.
  • Everything expected from Scubapro in full colour.
  • Easy to read, easy to use, easy to love.
  • Brilliant, colourful screen with colour indicators that quickly draw attention to what you need to know.
  • Easy to use with an intuitive 3 Button Control.
  • Easy to understand offering the same intuitive menu and diver-Friendly Functions as Galileo.
  • Industry's leading digital compass with two display options.
  • Bluetooth compatible, and easily syncs w/PC, Mac, Android or iPhone.
  • Stores Up to 1,000 Hours of Dive Profiles.
  • Easy activation of freediving, trimix, CCR & sidemount Modes w/o Downloading/Upgrading.
  • Quick release to enable easy post-dive logging.


Marketing Product Type – Gauges

Gas Capability: 21-100% Nitrox, Trimix

Operating Modes: Scuba, Gauge

Display Type: Color

Max Operating Depth: 120m

Memory Capacity: 485MB

Estimated Battery Life: Up to 50 Hours Per Charge