Mares X-Vision Liquid Skin 70th Anniversary Limited Edition


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It's here, the Limited Edition of possibly Mares' best-selling scuba diving mask of all time, the X-Vision Ultra LiquidSkin Mask Anniversary Edition, in celebration of  Mares' 70th Birthday.

This Special Edition of the Mares Ultra Liquidskin mask is presented in its own, zipped, hard shell protective storage case with distinctive silver piping and 70th Anniversary embroidered tag.  The mask has a striking chrome-plated outer frame, silver mirrored lenses and all the technical features that the X-Vision Ultra mask has become recognised for.

The X-Vision Ultra LiquidSkin has a superb facial structure in bi-silicone designed to adapt to numerous face shapes, the skirt's contact with the face has been optimized making it even more comfortable, and the field of vision is 20% wider than previous versions.

The nose area contains small ribs that have been perfected to relieve pressure lending to a more comfortable experience over longer periods of time. The two-button buckles allow easy adjustment, even with gloves.

A first-class mask, which has received the prestigious "Red Dot Design Award" due to its high level of functional and artistic design.


  • Wide field of view
  • Anatomical skirt for superior fit and comfort.
  • Liquid skin silicone is 45% softer for comfort.
  • Funky colour range and mirrored lens versions are available.
  • X-shaped bi-silicone strap
  • Weight: 183g