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J2 Baselayer, Men/Women., August 26, 2021 - Fourth element was proud of its release incorporating the most technically advanced fabrics available for drysuit diving.
The J2 Base-layer was developed for the US Deep Caving Team’s 2013 expedition to explore Cheve Cave System in Mexico. It appears the success to the trusted supplier of high-performance garments to the military, emergency services, maritime agencies, and commercial offshore personnel of countries throughout the world.
Debuted release with excellent anti-microbial performance thanks to the use of silver ion technology, and outstanding wicking from a unique fabric, it set out to produce base-layer and under-suits that would perform in the most extreme conditions on the planet. The leading charge of its design, Fourth Element holds a large range of stock items on demand that are available on our infinity Dive store now.
J2 base-layer keeping the skin dry can be critical to success, whether it is staying warm, or preventing infections. The J2 baselayer was designed to wick perspiration away from the skin and maintain a dry zone next to the skin. It’s range of collections features low-bulk clothing that experienced divers, and reliance on high-tech thermal protection when layering. Each item is cut for either a man or woman and is fast-wicking and machine washable.
In Australia, the time-honored principle of layering for thermal protection is essential. Choosing your combination of base-layer and thermal layer is a matter of assessing your need, a common layering combo is the J2 (amazing wicking capability!) and the Xerotherm (thermal layer). As the water gets cooler, you may wish to add the X-Core Vest. If you really feel the cold, then you may prefer to use the Arctic instead of the Xerotherm.

Water is Wicked

Water is a poor insulator. Heat capacity is tackled by this design to draw away the body temperature (water) that is making you cold. Wicking is the process of moving water through a fabric from one face to another. The objective of wicking is to keep moisture on the outer surface of the baselayer away from the skin, maintaining a layer of air, a much better insulator, as the first line of defense against getting cold. If you are applying undersuit on top, then this moisture will be moved even further away, and performance is maximised.
Use a super-light wicking layer like the J2 for layering under any undergarment to manage perspiration and small suit leaks without affecting buoyancy. It has a grid patterned knit, maximising the air next to the skin, but wicks moisture away very quickly. The added advantage of silver ion impregnated fibres minimises the growth of microorganisms such as bacteria, making this the perfect base layer for drysuit diving trips in which multiple days of diving are planned.


Silver ions are incorporated into the fibres when they are manufactured, ensuring that the bacteriostatic and ant-fungal properties of the fabric last. This cannot be washed off.
The silver ions prevent the formation of bacterial cell membranes, preventing most bacteria from growing in the fibres of the garment. However, this will not adversely affect the naturally occurring bacteria on the skin itself.
Performance When Wet
The J2's moisture-wicking performance makes sure that the water gets away from the skin and the undergarments's fibers. It can also retain some of its original performance even after being wet.


From our experience we recommend erring on a larger size if your measurements fall between two sizes. Please see size chart & self-measurement instructions.
“Thanks again for all your support. Your products saved our lives, I spent three weeks in a row once, 24h/day without any problems during [the 2013] expedition.”
Marcin Gala – lead diver on the 2009 and 2013 J2 expedition.
“The performance was unbelievable”
Phil Short – lead diver on the 2013 J2 expedition
“It’s really a wonderful thing when a promising article of gear (or clothing) lives up to, and exceeds its expectations.”
Bill Stone – expedition leader.


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