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Wide-Angle Wet Lens Weefine WFL-02


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WFL-02 is an upgraded version of the popular Weefine WFL-04 fisheye lens. The high-quality WFL-02 ultra-wide-angle interchangeable lens is designed to be used with cameras with lenses as wide as 24mm (35mm equivalent) without noticeable vignetting. The lens is constructed from 4 high-quality low dispersion optical glasses and a hard-coated polycarbonate dome to correct unwanted aberration. All the glass lenses have been coated with (BBAR) broadband anti-reflection coating.

Compared to a standard fisheye lens, the Weefine WFL-02 extends the hyperfocal distance and makes capturing immersive close-focus wide-angle shots easier. Up to 150 degrees wide-angle view is possible with 24mm (35mm equivalent) lenses with corner to corner sharpness.  


  • Magnification 0.47x 
  • Corrosion-resistant aluminium allow lens body 
  • Optical grade polycarbonate resin dome 
  • Optical glass lenses with multilayer BBAR coating 
  • Depth rated to 60m 
  • Comes with a carrying case, a neoprene dome cover and a rear cap
  • Dimensions: 150mm x 88mm 
  • Weight: 690g in air, 255g underwater

Note: In rare cases, some vignetting might still occur with a different lens and housing combinations. If this happens zoom slightly until the effect disappears.  
*Underwater camera housing not included

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