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SCUBAPRO Scuba Mask Strap Cover


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The Mares XR Essence Liquidskin offers great comfort thanks to Mares Liquidskin design with a neoprene/ nylon strap. Despite excessive comfort adding features the field of vision is not hindered, with the Mares XR Essence Liquidskin still possessing excellent visibility. A great selling point of the Mares XR Essence Liquidskin is its light, flat foldable nature meaning storage is a breeze, another great feature is the availability of replacement straps, making the Mares XR Essence Liquidskin the choice of many divers opting for the DIR Training Philosophy.


  • - 2mm Neoprene thikness.
  • - Ultra-comfortable Neoprene Strap Cover.
  • - Prevents tangled hair and twisted headbands.
  • - Perfect for underwater use, compatible with most masks.
  • - Remove one end of your mask strap and insert through this mask cover, then tie the strap back to your mask..
  • - Light, flat foldable, easy to store in a pocket.
  • Marketing Product Type – Mask Accessories
  • Mask type: Any
  • Width: 21.5cm
  • Materials: neoprene
  • Weight: 0.1lb
  • Activity: Recreational/Technicial

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