Scuba Tank 80CF / 11.1L Aluminum Alloy / Nitrox Ready + Dive Lead Weights X4


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These dive tanks are well balanced to provide a comfortable, horizontal dive experience. It brushed Alloy finish which provides more grip on alloy scuba diving tanks when wet. Unlimited life design reduces ownership costs. The alloy scuba diving tanks also have global certification which allows divers to use them in many countries; It ensures they are legal in Australia, New Zealand, North America, Europe, etc. It’s perfect for divers and charter boats that travel across borders.


  • Globally certified: It has Global certification to ensure legal use in many countries around the world, such as New Zealand, Australia, Europe, the USA, etc.
  • Standard Thread: made the thread type as the industry-standard ¾" 14NPSM, it is easier to replace the valve on the dive tanks.
  • Brushed Alloy Finish: It is with beautiful outlook with great quality; Brushed Alloy Finish provides more grip on alloy scuba diving tanks when wet.
  • Balanced: It is designed with a function to help the diver balance maintain a horizontal position. 
  • Unlimited Life: Premium quality with unlimited lifetime extends cylinder's use and reduces costs. As long as your dive tank passes the hydro test and inspection, you can keep using it.



  • Air Capacity: 80CF
  • Aluminium alloy design
  • Diameter: 184mm, Length: 660mm
  • Working pressure: 207 bar (3000psi)
  • Water Capacity: 11.1L
  • With Net Cover, avoid BCD fall off.
  • Brand: Spirotek
  • Ready for Nitrox up to 40%


  • Made in Italy.
  • Working pressure: 232 bar (5000psi)
  • Cleaned for oxygen service, to be fitted by a competent person

Dive Lead Weights

  • Weight: Around 1.5kg/each

Package includes:

  • 1 x Tank
  • 1 x Valve
  • 4 Lead Weights (depends on the selection)

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